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The Ann Arbor Student Building Industry Program

Kirkway Subdivision

Map to Sumerset - screenshot

Directions to 348 Sedgewood Lane, Ann Arbor, Michigan  48103


Sumerset Neighborhood

Sumerset Neighborhood's History

As the years went on and land and housing prices in the Ann Arbor area increased, the students began building bigger and more expensive homes to maintain the neighborhood values of our property.  As the houses continued to get bigger and more complicated, it was harder for the students to complete the project by the end of the school year while still doing the majority of the work.  In 2000, with only a few lots left in our inventory, the Program began looking for land. Their goals were to find land within a reasonable distance for student travel, at a price affordable enough to be able to downsize the homes that were being built.  This endeavor resulted in the program purchasing a parcel in 2003 for the development of 11 lots. With a smaller lot size and building envelope, they were able to achieve their goal.

Continuing with the great history of this program, much of the time, effort and labor required to develop this property was either volunteered, donated or performed at cost. 
Financing was provided by Local 190 Plumbers/Pipefitters/Service Technicians/Gas Distribution Pension Trust.

The Sumerset Neighborhood is located on Earl Shaffer Court in Ann Arbor, Michigan

In Memoriam of Earl Shaffer 1937-2007

Age 70, passed away on Sept. 10, 2007, at his Ann Arbor home after a brief but mighty
struggle with pancreatic cancer. Earl was born in 1937 in New Middletown, Indiana. Earl
spent most of his professional life as Director of Career and Technical Programs for the
Ann Arbor Public Schools and was often simply referred to as "Mr. Voc Ed." Among his
most noted achievements was helping to establish and oversee the Ann Arbor Public
Schools' thirty-six homes since 1970 - including new homes located on Earl Shaffer
Court in Northeast Ann Arbor.